An Efficient Workflow for Composite Design & Analysis Using LAP, CoDA & Laminate Tools with HyperMesh

The task is to define optimal composite material and laminate property data, using HyperMesh in combination with Anaglyph’s composites design and analysis software tools.

Technical Document

Efficient Composite Design Workflow with Anaglyph Products & HyperWorks

Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director of Anaglyph, a leader in composites solutions, will present their approach for defining optimal composite material and laminate property data. The webinar will present the workflow between HyperMesh and Anaglyph composites software for preliminary analysis and design: LAP, CoDA and Laminate Tools. It will be a very practical guide, with live software demo, starting from the laminates generation using LAP, testing with LAP and CoDA, stack creation with HyperMesh and completing the task with Laminate Tools for finer details.


Partner Spotlight: Anaglyph

Dr. George Kretsis, Managing Director, discusses composite design and analysis software, LAP and CoDA, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


CoDA Product Datasheet

Component Design Analysis (CoDA) Datasheet from Anaglyph


Top Use Cases: LAP and CoDA

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the composites software, LAP and CoDA.

Use Cases

Advanced Composite Material Calculations at eStress Using HyperWorks, LAP and CoDA

eStress' needed to develop a practical and generalized approach to assess the behavior of curved composite beams under corner unfolding loading for design sizing. This process shows how HyperWorks, LAP and CoDA worked together to achieve this.

Customer Stories

Designing Composite Components for Automotive

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording to learn the latest advancements in composites design and optimization of carbon fiber composites and mixed material structures in the automotive industry. Capabilities included in Altair HyperWorks as well as third party products available through the Altair Partner Alliance will be illustrated, showing real life examples of application.


LAP and CoDA: Your tools for composites preliminary analysis and post-processing in Automotive design

This webinar will show how automotive designers can use LAP and CoDA to prepare a laminated plate or structure, examine its behavior under load, overall or layer-by-layer. LAP checks specific points of any laminate, whilst CoDA examines the structure as a whole.


Brief Demo of CoDA by Anaglyph

Brief demo of CoDA, which can be used to undertake preliminary analysis of sub-components with Plate, Beam, Joint, Flange or Laminate geometries.