New Innovative Opportunities in the Compliance Assessment and Selection of Materials for the Medical Industry

In world where the population is getting older and living longer, the need for durable medical devices and implants is exploding. This requirement drives innovation in the space, widening the scope from the traditional metals such as titanium and cobalt chromium, to newer material groups including thermoplastics and ceramics which at the same time increases the challenges in safety and the efficacy of the end product. We will cover how Total Materia can drive precise, safe decisions around material selection for a range of critical constraints, whether it be basic material durability, fatigue strength requirements or adherence to a range of regulatory guidelines including biocompatibility or compliance to other national administrative controls such as the FDA. Presenter: Natalija Scepanovic, Applications Specialist, Key to Metals AG Featuring Total Materia, available through the Altair Partner Alliance.


The Future of Materials Information in Industry and Emerging Technologies

Neil Bauman from Key to Metals AG, an APA partner, discusses the future of materials information in industry and emerging technologies.


Optimization of Material Properties Workflow and Materials Selection in CAE

As the leading provider of materials reference data Key to Metals AG will present the key aspects of how the Total Materia database can support and improve the accuracy of simulation results whilst reducing cost, optimizing material usage and eliminating a large amount of risk that can be attributed to poor decisions around materials. Through the APA version to Total Materia, users can see a practical demonstration of the software.


Partner Spotlight: Key to Metals

Interview with Key to Metals COO Neil Baumann.


Tips and Tricks: Total Materia Premium Edition

A collection of tips and tricks to help users get up and running with Total Materia quickly and easily.

Quick Start

Workflow Integration of Total Materia in the HyperWorks Environment

This webinar presents a detailed look at how Total Materia can be used to decrease risk and increase efficiency as an integrated tool within the Altair environment. Focusing on two main integration and connection possibilities, the webinar will show primarily how to find materials and then import directly into HyperWorks using the Integrated HyperMesh Edition of Total Materia. In addition, the webinar will also focus on how to export data from the Total Materia Premium edition using a range of OptiStruct and Radioss export formats.


Material Selection - Avoiding Errors and Reducing Risk

Covering multiple key aspects around the process of material selection, the webinar will cover some of the potential perils and pitfalls surrounding material information.


Total Materia Product Overview Video

Introductory video to Total Materia from Key to Metals.

Product Overview Videos

Data discovery and how to seamlessly search, identify, and move material properties data using Total Materia and HyperMesh

An insightful introduction to Total Materia and its recent integration into Altair’s HyperMesh which allows access to the world’s most comprehensive materials database direct from the HyperMesh environment. This webinar will put data discovery in the context of the workflow and demonstrate how to search, identify and move material properties data seamlessly between Total Materia and the material card.


Top Use Cases: Total Materia

Presentation introducing a few of the top use cases for the material management software, Total Materia.

Use Cases

Total Materia for the Automotive Industry

Key to Metals AG is the developer of Total Materia, the world’s most comprehensive materials database including the standard Total Materia data set of linear material properties and also our unique collection of advanced property data which provides stress-strain curves, formability diagrams, fatigue data, and more for thousands of materials and is designed to save time and money through intelligent search methods and enhance the depth and quality of information required for CAE and FEA analysis.

Use Cases

Driving accurate engineering decisions through comprehensive material knowledge with Total Materia

Total Materia provides the world’s most comprehensive material properties database covering over 250,000 metals, plastics, composites and a range of other non-metallic materials. This webinar is designed to help demonstrate how having the right information available at the right time can not only save hours and even days of sourcing but improve information accuracy and help optimize early critical design decisions.


Total Materia Exporter Flyer

One-page flyer about export options with the Total Materia software.


Total Materia + Altair Partner Alliance Flyer

Highlights of how the Total Materia offering interacts within the APA.


Total Materia Extended Range Datasheet

Total Materia Extended Range product datasheet.


Total Materia PolyPLUS Flyer

Total Materia PolyPLUS Datasheet.


Total Metals Datasheet

Total Metals product datasheet


HBPO GmbH Achieves Flexibility and Cost Efficiency in Automotive Development By Leveraging the APA

HBPO GmbH optimizes their design process by utilizing multiple products, such Total Materia and MADYMO, alongside HyperWorks products for the development of their front end modules.

Customer Stories